Welcome at the website of very exciting Consulting and Trading Companies. 

World Trade Holland Group has many experience all over West-Africa and European Union by working together with local businesses.

We organize: 

  • Operations for infrastructure and environmental projects.
  • Opening new markets of local sustainable fisheries to new European Markets by upgrading and certifications.
  • Import-Export Services of products.
  • Purchase and shipment of machinery.
  • Building working Internet Sites


Our core business is developing sustainable business opportunities between West-Africa and European Union. WTH can help you develop and organize your business opportunities abroad. We develop and create connections for your own Import and Export activities.

WTH provides operational and import/export services in Mauritania, Senegal, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Liberia & Cape Verdi.

We are Consultants and Engineers for local:
Environmental recovery projects
Fresh water solutions in more rural areas.
Wind energy development.
Electrical Grids & Wind farms
High Efficient Electrical Components
Developing and marketing of Sustainable Fisheries in West-Africa to meet export standards to EU.
Our Export Services to Europe.
Products of Sustainable Fisheries and Agriculture farms and companies.
Salvage, Scrap and Waste Management to create a cleaner and better environment.
Import Services for production equipment, machines and vehicles to West- and Central Africa.
Creating and Developing Import & Export routes for Agriculture Products to and from Both Continents and even goods for Local Markets. Like sugar, Flour, Onions and Potatoes. 
Trucks for local and interregional logistics
Machinery for production plants.
Even your New Luxury Car !

Together we make more Business ...